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    Date : 7 / Jul / 2017
    Time : 10pm
    Address : Parc Natural de la Serra d'Espadà, Paratge Sant Josep, s/n, n12600 Vall de Uxó

    Singin’ In The Cave (Coves St. Josep)

    Vall D'Uixo (Spain)

    Suuuuper excited for this gig!

    On 7th July I will be performing at the Coves de St. Josep, the longest underground river in Europe! It will be part of their Singin’ In The Cave gig scheme.

    Join us for an awesome night of music and a once in a lifetime experience!

    Gigs will start from 10pm – you can book your tickets on the link to the right.

    Singin In The Cave - Nadia Sheikh

    No. 24 // Nadia Sheikh - No. 24
    1. No. 24 // Nadia Sheikh - No. 24