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    • No. 24icon-download
      1. No. 24 // Nadia Sheikh - No. 24
    • Flip The Coin
      1. Flip The Coin // Nadia Sheikh - Flip The Coin
    • Nadia
      50 feet
      1. 50 feet // 50 feet
      2. A Day Without You // 50 feet
      3. My Time (Is Now) // 50 feet
      4. Take Me Away // 50 feet
      5. Let Me Go // 50 feet
      6. No Preguntes // 50 feet

    Nadia Sheikh

    London based artist that combines indie, rock and pop with folky and jazzy vocals creating a characteristic and unique sound that she showcases in her original songs. Quirky melodies and catchy choruses with incredibly insightful lyrics – not representative of your average 21 year-old. With an impressive cultural background, the half British, half Spanish artist has the power to captivate you with her haunting voice. “Nadia’s voice sets the audience into motion, with exciting vocal riffs and impressive range that shows depth and maturity” – LIVAMP, 2015.
    Nadia Sheikh
    Nadia Sheikh4 hours ago
    'Flip the Coin' is This Feeling's #Bigin2018 Track of the Day over at GigSlutz! 🔥

    Catch us on Thursday 25th January at The Monarch in Camden for the 'Big In 2018' show w/ The Velvet Hands, Ulysses Wells, SONS, Sleeptalking and The Scruff.

    Don't miss out, get your tickets here nowww: https://www.skiddle.com/e/13111396/?skrep=2654684

    Nadia Sheikh
    Nadia Sheikh3 days ago
    Mañana Julio Ruiz Llorente pinchará en primicia 'Going Down' en su programa Disco Grande (Radio 3). Sintonizad entre las 17h y las 18h (horario español) para escucharla. No os olvidéis que todavía la podéis pedir aquí: http://apple.co/2BVcG31

    Tomorrow the legend Julio Ruiz Llorente will give 'Going Down' its first spin on his show Disco Grande (Radio 3). Tune in between 4pm - 5pm (UK time) to catch it. Don't forget you can still preorder here: http://apple.co/2BVcG31

    🎥 Eric Benajes
    Nadia Sheikh
    Nadia Sheikh
    Nadia Sheikh6 days ago
    Absolute bonkers! Thanks to This Feeling and Fred Perry Subculture for the mention and adding 'Flip the Coin' to their 'This Feeling Big In 2018' Spotify playlist. 2018 is gonna be hugeeee! 💥

    This Feeling - London 'Big in 2018' is coming up soon. Don't miss out, get yer tickets hereee: https://www.skiddle.com/e/13111396/?skrep=2654684



    No. 24 // Nadia Sheikh - No. 24
    1. No. 24 // Nadia Sheikh - No. 24